Sublimation Gang Sheet Builder - Ships in 48 hours

Size: 24 in X 12 in
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Build your own Gang Sheet


Custom Sublimation Gang Transfers

Choose from a variety of sizes for your custom sublimation transfers. We offer gang sheets in 23 inches wide up to 6 ft. long 

Use the sheet builder to design your gang sheet or upload your ready print sheet to the builder. 


-At least 65% or higher polyester garment or coated substrate
-Light colored
-Must be pressed with a heat press

File Type Info (PDF, PNG, or High Quality Images can be used in the builder):

Please DO NOT mirror your design before uploading and submit it the way you want the design to read on the final product. 

IMPORTANT: Sublimation transfers only work on items with a HIGH polyester count. We recommend 65% or higher polyester count for apparel and hard substrates must have a poly coating for the sublimation transfer to work. The percentage of polyester is the percentage of ink that will transfer. If you use a 50% poly t-shirt, then your design is going to be 50% vibrant once pressed.

PRESSING INSTRUCTIONS: For shirts, we recommend 385 F for 60 seconds. Use a heat press with very LIGHT pressure.

For all other substrates, please refer to the manufactures recommendation for times and temps.

Always cover the full transfer with craft paper or butcher paper to prevent ink from transferring to your equipment or other garments. We do NOT recommend using a reusable cover sheet because the ink will stain and won't come off.

Transfers will either be shipped flat or rolled in tubing.  Some flatting of the paper may be needed before your press them.  This can be done by laying it flat and placing a book over it. 

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